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Re: breadman paddle-help

jr <rrussell@tulsa.oklahoma.net>
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 11:56:47 -0600
>I love my Breadman Plus TR600.  Bakes everything from sourdough to
>I does have a major problem that I can't seem to correct.  THE PADDLE!
>Bakes into every loaf & leaves a major hole at the bottom that is
>quite humorous to some & hideous to others. You call the Salton # &
>they tell you to dig it out with a plastic utensil & I tell them that
>I don't like half a 2# loaf missing the middle. Salton is very unfriendly.
>Anyone have a cure????   HELP!  Loaves I give away as gifts look half

Perhaps not a cure..but a way around the problem. There is a short
'punch-down' cycle between the first and second rise. Immediately following
the punch down, remove dough from pan (with slightly damp or greased hands),
then take that darn paddle out!  This is a good time to gently shape and
smooth the dough to avoid a gnarly top crust. Return the dough to pan and
allow machine to complete second rise & baking cycle. The shaft leaves a
small indentation in the bottom crust, but the loaf slides out of the pan
easlily..without leaving a 'cavern' through the middle. It's a pain to hang
around the kitchen..or even set a timer, just waiting for the punch down
cycle..but it might be worth it for those gift loaves.  -  Or you could just
use the dough cycle, and bake it in a loaf pan.  I'm sure you've tried all
the other tricks, like greasing the shaft & paddle.
I've only had this problem a couple of times with my Hitachi..usually with
the more dense loaves like whole wheat/oat. My main concern was avoiding the
gnarly crust, so I began smoothing the dough after the punch-down, and
figured since the paddle would no longer be needed..just remove it.  Hope
this helps..sounds like Salton won't.