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Marina <thecollector@worldnet.att.net>
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 17:57:35 +0000
I am wondering if any recipes for FLAVORED breads are available. I recently
purchased a Zoji, LOVE it, it is all and more what it is built up to be. My
problem is I have tried several loaves of bread ...cheddar onion, parm
basil, etc. The flavor of the seasonings seem to be lost in the loaf I use
the white bread base and add the flavors.   I would love to find a good
flavorful sun-dried tomato bread with basil, and or cheese (parm) etc. And
any other good ones that anyone on the list would like to share.  Thankyou,
this is my first post hope it is o.k.

marina phx. az.

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