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Washing Zoji pans & the Black&Decker lookalike

"Brian Ross" <bross@angnet.com>
Mon, 18 Nov 96 09:30:27 mst
     I've been following the thread on cleaning a Zoji bread pan in a 
     dishwasher, and thought I should add my 2 cents. 

     For those of you who have a Zoji S-15 and might be considering putting 
     it in the dishwasher, I would like to recommend:

     1. Turn the pan over on a counter. Take a GOOD look at the mechanism 
     on the bottom of the pan. You will notice a small C clip at the very 
     top (when it's inverted) of the post. 

     2. If you twist the post by hand you should notice it turns quite 
     smoothly. I'm assuming it's because there is a bushing or set of 
     bearings hidden somewhere inside those workings. 

     Now remember that C clip means the mechanizm can be quickly 
     dis-assembled. Are you still sure that it's waterproof? Ask someone 
     who is mechanically minded what might happen to bearings that are 
     subjected repeatedly to hot water. The owners manual notes clearly 
     that you are NOT to imerse the lower portion of the pan in water. That 
     should be all the proof you need.

     About the Black and Decker Zoji lookalike.... I've noticed them myself 
     over the last year or so. It appears to me to be a very good 'copy' of 
     an S-15. The pan is not the same weight as the Zoji pan, and it's 
     missing the short neading post. This makes me thing that it's only 
     made to appear to be like an S-15. If someone has direct knowledge of 
     who makes these machines for Black and Decker, how about sharing the 

     Brian D. Ross
     Calgary, Alberta, Canada