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magherrick@juno.com (MARGARET E HERRICK)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:06:09 EST
Hi, everyone,

Some of  you may be familiar with the DAK bread machine that looks just
like the Welbilt one with the large glass dome top.   The original DAK
company, which sold a variety of things, went out of business.   I had a
DAK Turbo II bread baker for years and found it wonderful. It made great
big wonderful loaves of bread!

Recently the Bread Machine portion business was bought out and has
returned as 

DAK Gourmet Products
1711 Irvine Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
or FAX:

So I gave my old Turbo II to my daughter and bought a
new DAK Turbo V, because it is supposed to be more powerful, able to
handle heavier doughs.      I am not getting as good results with it as I
did my old one, in regular Turbo mode.  (Then again my yeast doesn't
proof as well as it should.)  Then again there is a whole computerized
system for making each kind of loaf bake in a special way.   It's a
little complicated!

I wonder if anyone on here has had some experience with this particular
model.  If so, I could use a little help or at least some moral support.

For the person who found no nearby repair for the Welbilt R-2D-2 type,
glass done machine,  there was a place on the east coast that did repair
them!   Phone number
(201) 866-1594     It was called,     Rebok , 4200 West Side Ave, N.
Bergen, NJ 07047  

Also I came across an E-mail address for      patl@isc-br.com
that had to do with  bread machine repair.    

I have no idea if these addresses and phone numbers are current, but if
they are in the necessary area and you are desperate, give 'em a try.

Maggie      magherrick@juno.com