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Baking bread the "old fashioned" way

bredlady@softdisk.com (G Nuttall)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 12:12:08 -0500
I have to snicker when I read notes from people asking if there are any of
us out there that bake bread without the use of a automatic bread machine
(ABM).  Don't get me wrong, even though I consider myself an "artisan
baker" - I applaud anyone who uses modern conveniences to produce their own
bread masterpieces!

In response to :

>My name is Elaine and I love baking bread. I don't use a bread
>machine. I was wondering if those of us that don't use these machines
>are on here also?

Welcome home Elaine!!!  You are definately in the right spot!

In response to :

>I was also wondering if there is
>anyone who is good and willing to take a bread machine recipe and
>make it into a regular recipe? Is it possible to just take the
>ingredients and do the rest by nature?

The ABM recipes are already regular recipes.  Each is scaled to precisely
fit the special pan size for the machines.  So, if you take that recipe and
follow your usual mixing, kneading, rising, and baking methods, you will
create that wonderful loaf you always do.  ABM's usually produce a single 1
pound or 1 and a half pound loaf of bread ) depending on the recipe.

Go for it!

Bread is the symbol of friendship

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