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re: What to do with dough

"Dan H. Erwin" <dherwin@prairienet.org>
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 16:54:44 -0600 (CST)
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>From bread-bakers digest. I, personally have not used 
bread machines, so this is from a different point of view. I admire your
determination about using the bread machine even further than what the 
desighner thought it could do. I think you're on the right track to 
freeze it all and then work with it. To make jure all three have the same
texture, it would be even better to lump all thee doughs together and work
with it by hand, then divide the dough and then use food coloring for each
of the three. 
I make dough by hand or with a Kitchen Aid or by using a K-Tec machine.
By hand and with Kitchen Aid, using a recipe that has 2 cups of liquid, I
am able to produce a single batch that wighs approximately 3 lb. Using a 
K-Tec (name of the model is KICHEN CHAMP) I get nearly 6 lb of dough. It 
automatically kneads and shuts off when it is done. -------------enough of
that, I sound like a salesman. 
Since you want to work with morre dough than bread machines will produce,
learning to do it by hand sounds like the way to go in the future. It
will reqire 4-5 hours to be on hand, but it only takes 20-30 minutes of 
actual working with the dough. Some people have touble getting the hand of
making dough by hand, but once you learn, it is so self satisfying, you 
can be addicted for like (take it from one who went the route). It is an 
art that you won't forget.

Good luck wht you dough.

 Dan     Champaign,Il