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Zoji vs Mr. Coffee Bread Maker

"Ron Cochran" <cochran@vbe.com>
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 19:31:57 -0600
I had two of the Mr. Coffee bread makers(not sure of the model #) before I
bought a Zoji S15A.  I wore one Mr. Coffee out within about 11 mo.
(warrantee was one year), got a second one, and would have worn it out in
about the same time, if I had kept it.

My experience was that the Mr. Coffee machine makes good bread, but they
cheap out on things that you can not see - namely the quality of the gears
and strength of the motor.  The result is that the machine will not stand
up to very much heavy use.  Kneading dough is hard work!

The Zoji, on the other hand, is just the opposite.  I believe that it is
very well made.  You can tell by just how quiet it is, when it is kneading
dough.  I think that this is one area where you get what you pay for.

By the way, I was in a Black&Decker outlet store the other day, and it
looked to me like there was a series of gray and white B&D bread machines
that were made by Zoji for B&D.  There were a lot of similarities, right
down to the deep oven and unusual bread pan design.  I have no way to know
if the gears and motor were standard Zoji, but it was $89.  If I had not
already owned a Z machine, I would have jumped at it.

Take care!


Ron Cochran
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Neenah, WI  54956

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