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Sun, 10 Nov 1996 16:14:16 -0500 (EST)
Thinking furiously, Elaine wrote:
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> I hope that I am posting this right. Please excuse me if I am not, 
> but let me know.
> My name is Elaine and I love baking bread. I don't use a bread 
> machine. I was wondering if those of us that don't use these machines 
> are on here also? If so, cool. 


I've only been on the list for a few weeks, and it certainly looks as
if most of the postings are related to bread machines. But I can assure
you that I always bake by hand. Seems to me that a lot of the pleasure of
making bread is to actually MAKE it myself, not have a machine do the 
work for me (the other large chunk of the pleasure is being able to EAT
the result!!!! :=).

> I was also wondering if there is 
> anyone who is good and willing to take a bread machine recipe and 
> make it into a regular recipe? Is it possible to just take the 
> ingredients and do the rest by nature?

I've never done that, so I don't have a conversion recipe. But I suggest
that you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with bread recipes...
sometimes you'll get an inedible mess, but others you'll get something
perfectly nice.  I get the impression from reading this list that
machine recipes tend to be a bit softer than hand-made recipes, so for
starters you may want to try a simple recipe, by hand, and if it seems
soft, try working in a little extra flour until you get a good texture.
Once you've figured this out, you could try adjusting the volume of
dough to better fit your baking pans.

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