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Re: please help me print!

jowen@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU (Joyce L Owen)
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 16:26:33 -0800 (PST)
Arlene Glube asked how to print individual recipes from the digest.  Here
are two convenient ways:
1) Select the recipe you want, copy it (command-c on a Mac), and paste it
(command-v) into a word-processing program.  Format it the way you want,
and print.
2) Select the recipe, copy and paste it into a new message in your e-mail
program. You can print it from there.  If you want to save it,  choose Save
As from the File menu.  It will save in whatever word-processing format you
have defined.  Then you can format it however you want as in method 1.  I
usually use method 2, because it's more convenient if I don't have my
word-processor open.

>I have a Breadman II machine and love it.  Enjoy experimenting with recipes
>that look delicious.  Thank you all so much for posting several great ones
>to this list.  My problem is, I don't know how to just print a recipe from
>the long digest.  I have thus far been printing out everything if I want to
>have a recipe for my files.  I know there must be a way and I would
>appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks so much. Arlene

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