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Mon, 4 Nov 96 17:44:00 -0700
Hi Folks,

In response to the "other" Karen, who wanted to know how to contact
King Arthur Flour for  a catalog, I called their 800 number after I
didn't received anything after two months going through their Website.
The number is 1-800-827-6836.  After calling, I received the catalog in
about 2-3weeks.

Just for general information, I have a Welbilt ABM3600.  I was using it
yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and my dough was too wet, so I added more
flour and wanted to stop and restart.  I pushed the stop button and
even unplugged the machine, but it wouldn't start over.  Well, just for
fun and yucks, I decided to call the 800 number that is listed in my
owners manual and there were actually people there to answer
questions----on a Sunday!  I was totally amazed.  The customer service
rep explained that I just had to hold down the button for at least 30
seconds and it would restart----BINGO, she was right!  Anyway, I was so
impressed, I just had to share that with you folks.

By the way, the bread turned out all right, except the outside was
almost burnt.  Reggie, you are familiar with Lora Brody's Bread Book,
"Bread Machine Baking, Perfect Everytime"---it was the Ginger Pear
Bread recipe, only I used peaches.  Anyway, my ABM is automatically set
at medium and I have never had to adjust the setting for anything else
I've baked, although this is the "sweetest" bread I have ever baked.
Does anyone one else find that they have to adjust settings to light if
they are baking breads with a higher sugar content?  It makes sense,
although none of my recipe books suggest it.

Also, someone asked for a recipe for Chapati.  I did find a VERY
detailed recipe in terms of method not ingredients (with illustrative
pictures) for Chapati along with recipes for Naan, Pooris and another
Indian flat bread in a great book called the Bread Book, by Linda
Collister.   It is published in Great Britain and contains a number of
ethnic recipes.   I will try to remember to bring the book in and post
the recipe or I can try copying the section with the pictures and
mailing to whoever wanted it.    Just let me know.

Karen in Tucson