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What to do with dough?

Wed, 6 Nov 1996 20:12:40 -0800 (PST)
I tried a tricolor braid from one of Brody's Bread books.  I made each dough
in the bread maker.  Only needing half of each type dough I froze the extra.
My question is what to do with the dough as each color was being made.  I
put each batch in the refrigerator.  The first two batches had risen in the
refrigerator and was cold when the third color was done.  I wasn't sure what
else to do with the first two batches.  Fortunately, having to roll each
into a thin rope I think they warmed up fast enough not to make a big
difference in the out come of the bread braid.  The bread dough that was in
the refrigerator the longest though looked rougher and broke a little than
the other two ropes in the finished product.  Don't get me wrong the braid
looked OK and was very tasty.  But I thought I'd like to make and give
braids away to family this holiday season, so I'd like them to look a little

Anyone with any help?  Should I just freeze it all and then defrost it at
the same time?
|\/\/\/\/\/| Lynne Miles
 \0 0 0 0 /  qoe@sna.com
  |~~~~~~|   Orangevale, CA