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Basic dough/bread questions

tshih@ucsd.edu (Timothy Shih)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 21:45:33 -0800
Please help me with some basic bread questions.
Thanks in advance, 

Why does dough have to be risen twice? 
What happens  if risen  only once or if risen 3 (or more) times?
How many times will dough rise before the yeast becomes "exhausted"?
How come my machine never makes bread like Wonder (super soft air/pillow) bread?
Is it possible to over knead dough?  What happens?
Can I (should I?) add preservatives to keep my bread longer like store bought?
Any ideas about a "rest" period in bread kneading, what's that all about?
All other things being equal, do different yeasts make the bread taste

Wow, what a handful,
thanks for any help,