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Zojirushi ABM

bbriscoe@infolink.morris.mn.us (Bonnie Briscoe)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 10:25:32 -0600
I recently bought a Zojirushi BBCCS-15A and it is one of the best
purchasing decisions I ever made.  In my opinion, the *only* place to get
one is by mail order from Delta Rehabilitation in Florida.  Mr. Irwin
Franzel, who frequently contributes to this list, is truly an angel and
will do everything he can to make sure you are pleased with your purchase.
Delta Rehab currently offers the Zo for $239 including shipping and
insurance (no sales tax unless you live in Florida).  Sometimes they have
machines with minor dents from shipping that sell for a bit less.

My advice is to write to Irwin <Irwin@prodigy.com> and ask for an e-mail
catalog and ordering information.  I would also strongly recommend that if
you bake bread when you are around to tend to the dough and do special
things with it, you spend an additional $25 for the Finnish Pan(tm).  This
pan lets you bake bread in the ABM with no holes from the hardware, and you
can use it to make specialties like stuffed bread, cinnamon buns, and other
delights.  (You put the dough into this pan at the start of the 2nd rising
period; baking in it also prolongs the life of your regular pan and

Sorry I can't offer a comparison of the S15A with other Zo models (the only
other ABM I've used is a West Bend).  But if you can manage the cost of the
S15A, go for it.  You won't be regret having bought the best.

Bonnie Briscoe

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