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Re: bulgar

"BrownleeS" <BrownleeS@dsmo.com>
Mon, 28 Oct 96 14:36:29 EST
     "Debbie" <dragoner@cris.com> said:
     >Please help!  I had mistakenly purchased some bulgar 
     >at the health food store for a bread recipe which did 
     >not really call for it.  Now I have it in my cupboard 
     >and do not have any use for it.  I would like to be 
     >able to use it in some kind of bread machine recipe if 
     >anyone has a recipe that calls for it.  Any other uses 
     >would be helpful as well but mainly I am interested in 
     >bread machine recipes.
     >Thanks in Advance.

     Here's something I ran across on the Web:


     Categories: Breads 
     Yield: 24 servings 

         3/4 c  Water; boiling
         1/2 c  Bulgur
         1/2 tb Parsley
         1/2 tb Onions, dried minced
         1/2 ts Mint leaves

     ------------PLACE IN BREADMAKER----------
         1/2 tb Yeast
           3 c  Flour, bread
           2 tb Sugar
         1/2 tb Salt
           1    Eggs
           1 tb Oil, olive
         3/4 c  Water; warm

     --------------ADD AT BEEP----------------
         1/4 c  Olives, black, chopped
         1/4 c  Apricots, dried; chopped

     Add boiling water to other tabouli ingredients and mix 
     well; allow to cool to lukewarm.  (In hot and humid 
     weather, use 1/8 c less water.)

     Bring other ingredients to room temperature and add to 
     breadmaker, in order.  Add lukewarm tabouli mixture.  
     Set baking control at 11 o'clock. Select "white bread" 
     and push Start.

     Add olives and apricots at beep, 88 minutes into cycle.

     Hope that helps,