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Yeast, Fruit and Nuts

Mon, 21 Oct 96 10:08:00 -0700
Hi All,

I am re-sending this message, because I am not sure it got through the
first time!  Another question about yeast.  I was in Walmart the other day and
noticed that they were selling a jar of Red Star yeast "for bread
machines".  Supposedly it makes your bread rise high although you use
33% less than you would of regular yeast.  The price was $6.88 for 7 oz
( a bit high) and  I believe it said it made 23 loaves or something
like that.   Has any one used this type of yeast and if so, is it worth
the extra money?  Right now, I am buying an unknown brand from a local
health food store in 1lb. packages and it works fine, but I was just curious.

Also,  I made really good raisin bread over the weekend that I got a
few weeks ago from the Digest, however even though I added the raisins
and chopped nuts 2-3 minutes before the "add fruit" signal, I still had
more on the outside than on the inside.   Is there a problem with
adding the fruit and nuts even earlier---maybe at least adding the
raisins with the rest of the ingredients at the start?

Karen in Tucson