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Reggie Dwork <reggie@jeff-and-reggie.com>
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 21:37:20 -0700
Jeff and I are proud to announce that the Bread-bakers archive is now up and
accessible for everyone.  It is all the recipes from the past 6 years of
bread-bakers-digest formatted into MasterCook.

We want to thank Ellen C for her efforts in helping to do this.  We really
appreciate it.

We hope you enjoy these and happy bread baking!!

This is the index file for the directory in the archive.

Bread-bakers Archive Index

Recipe archive

This directory contains the recipes that have been posted
to bread-bakers-digest.  The recipe files are in "zip" format.
They must be un-zipped before use.  Suitable programs for un-zipping
are pkunzip (DOS), WinZip (Windows), Stuffit (Mac), and unzip (unix).

The recipes are available as plain text in MasterCook Export format.
This format can be read by MasterCook and many other recipe programs.

The recipes are also available in native MasterCook 3 format.
You must have MasterCook version 3 (or later) to use these files.

There is an index file containing recipe titles for each recipe file.
These index files are not zipped.

All the recipes since the beginning of the bread-bakers-digest
mailing list up to volume 96 number 42 (Sept 21, 1996) are contained
in one file.

Index file:
  b3q96idx.txt - recipe titles

Text format:
  b3q96mxp.zip - recipes

MasterCook 3 format:
  b3q96mcf.zip - recipes

After this time, recipes will be added quarterly.  File names will
start with "b" followed by a one digit quarter number, "q", two digit
year and "idx", "mxp" or "mcf".

We hope you enjoy your journey thru the archives and happy bread baking.

Reggie & Jeff