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Myra Borisute <myra@ksc11.th.com>
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 23:32:05 +0700
A friend of mine, currently living in Thailand, would like to have a recipe
for a kind of rusk or zweibach called "tzicharkas".  His family came
originally from Riga in Latvia and this type of rusk was made by the mothers
and sent to the boys at the front during the war.  All of the older
generation of women who baked this stuff have passed away and it appears
that none of their daughters ever learned to bake it.  My friend is not so
young himself now, and would like very much to bake this up and taste it
once again.

If anybody has such a recipe, I would be grateful to receive it and pass it
on to him.

Thank you very much.

Myra Borisute