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Re: KitchenAid advice needed

Julia West <classact@i1.net>
Sat, 24 Aug 1996 21:22:55 -0700
> I'm happy to be the owner of a new Kitchen Aid mixer, but I'm wondering
> about the length of time dough should be kneaded with the dough hook.
> Kitchen Aid says 2 minutes, which I find hard to believe. Betsy
> Oppenneer's book recommends using the paddle for mixing, then the dough
> hook for 5 minutes, and Bernard Clayton recommends the paddle for mixing
> and then the dough hook using the same amount of time as you'd use hand
> kneading.

   I had the same question when I got my KitchenAid mixer earlier this 
year. I called the nice folks at King Arthur Flour Bakers Catalogue for 
the answer. (They have a Bakers' Hotline that is manned 9am - 5pm, 
Eastern time; the hotline number is 1-802-649-3717. The regular *catalog* 
number is 1-800-827-6836).
   Until very recently, King Arthur sold KitchenAid mixers, so they are 
very familiar with using them and answering questions about them. I was 
told to use just the dough hook for both mixing the dry ingredients and 
kneading the dough. Also, I was told to knead the dough on Speed 2 until 
it clung to the hook and cleaned the sides of the bowl (although some 
doughs are too soft to do this; you'll have to use your best judgement), 
THEN let it knead for another 2 or 3 minutes. 
   I then use a plastic dough scraper to transfer the dough into a LARGE 
lightly oiled bowl, turn the dough to cover all surfaces with oil, and 
cover the bowl with a clean dish towel. So far, this approach has worked 
just fine for me.
   BTW, King Arthur Flour has a new web page at:
Check 'em out!

Julia West / St. Louis, MO / classact@i1.net