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thanks again and question

Sat, 31 Aug 1996 10:18:53 +0000
I wish to thank you again for all the recipies for challah. I have 
tried the one from Mary Peters several times and it comes out real 
nice. I still need to practice the braiding though.

The question is how to store bulk yeast. When I needed yeast I saw 
that small jar was $4.00 in grocery and 2 lbs at Sam's was $3.00. 
This did not take any higher math (although Intel pentium said buy 
the jar ;->) to figure out which id better deal 
but how do you store the opened package? Can it be frozen?, just 
tightly sealed jar in refig? What is best way?

Thanks again Stu

Stuart D. Dwork
sdd@computek.net  http://www.computek.net/public/sdd

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