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How to tell

lcw@cci.com (Lori Wershing)
Fri, 30 Aug 96 06:59:41 EDT
Hi everyone...

Even though I enjoy making my bread "by hand", I just purchased an ABM to
give my Mom and Dad for Christmas.  I think they will initially not be
thrilled with it (more gadgets!), but due to ailing health...I think they
will grow to love it.  Mom used to bake bread years ago, but can't anymore
and Dad LOVES bread!

In addition to the ABM I purchased a Tupperware breadkeeper and an assort-
ment of ABM mixes (Sams) to get them started and excited in an easy way.
I also want to prepare a small cookbook of easy and great recipes.  I've
been watching the digest and have found few to collect.  Why you ask?  
Because I bought a 1lb machine.  I figured for just the two of them that
a smaller machine would be adequate.  

Is there an easy way to tell if a recipe is appropriate for a 1lb machine?
Do any of you have great 1lb recipes?  Can I convert larger recipes?  

Thanks for your help!