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Favorite Bread Cookbooks

bob.stedfeld@pcohio.com (Bob Stedfeld)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 15:34:00 -0500
Regarding favorite books about baking, the one that seems most
complete to me is:
        The Complete Book of Bread by Bernard Clayton Jr.
It's great; covers most aspects of bread-baking by hand. It has plenty
of recipes.  I have a 1973 copy.  A new version (or, perhaps, just a
revised original version) is available as:
        Clayton's New Complete Book of Bread
You can probably get it from your local bookstore, but Jessica's
Biscuit (more later) has it available by mail for $30 hardbound or $20
        Another favorite is:
        English Bread and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David
A delight to read if you're interested in breadbaking.  It covers the
history of breadbaking from an British perspective, and it also has
plenty of recipes.  It does cover French breads and others.  Jessica's
Biscuit says $20 regularly with a special of $14.98 right now.
        A third, not so complete, but with some interesting recipes
and assistance is:
        The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book by Laurel Robertson.
My copy is dated 1984.  No new editions, but Jessica's Biscuit has
original copies available for $19.98.
        Finally, for machine bread baking, what would I do without my
two favorites:
        Bread Machine Magic, and
        Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints, both by Linda
                Rehberg and Lois Conway
The Helpful Hints book has been a saviour sometimes and does give
answers to many of the questions asked in the Digest.  Each is $11.95
from Jessica's Biscuit.
        Finally, if you don't know about Jessica's Biscuit, you
should.  The call themselves "The Cookbook People," since all they
sell is cookbooks by mail.  They will send you their latest catalog
for free if you call 1-800-878-4264.  Or write Jessica's Biscuit, Box
301, Newtonville, MA 02160.  Just looking at the catalog makes me
drool.  I'd like to own all those cookbooks!

Bob Stedfeld       bob.stedfeld@pcohio.com

>>>>>   Books for Cooks:
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>>>>>   Cutting Knives and Techniques by Drew Blood

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