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mobyrne@microweb.com (Matthew O'Byrne)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 06:44:07 -0800
Hi, I  am knew to the list- ive been baking bread by hand for just over two
years an am looking forward to sharing info and suggestions. One of my most
consistent problems is judging the proper moisture content of the dough.  I
find that i often have to put in extra (which i know depends on the
absorbancy of one's flour) but i seem to be putting in quite a bit
extra-often over a cu.  The breads tend to be very doughy. Obviously the
alternative is to use less, but then the dough seems very sticky,(not
smooth and firm as many recipies describe)For example in the pain au levain
recipe from Bread Alone, the recipe says that when done adding flour and
kneading you should be able to lift the ball of dough out of the kitchen
aid without it sticking to the side.- no way in my kitchen aid- and that
was after a cup and a half extra flour. Any suggestions?  Thanks, Matthew