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Another recipe

donna@mfslater.demon.co.uk (donna Slater)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 10:33:17 GMT

My husband really likes tomato and olive bread, and asked me to have a go at
duplicating the store-bought bread of this type in the  bread machine.  This
is the recipe I made up last night.  It tastes very good but is not a
particularly high rising bread because of the wholewheat flour.

Tomato Bread

Makes a 1 lb loaf

5.5 oz Wholewheat flour
5.5 oz Strong white flour
0.5 ts Yeast
0.5 tb Sugar
1 tb Powdered milk
2 tb Olive oil
1 oz Sun dried tomatoes finely chopped
1 oz Olives finely chopped
1 ts Dried basil
0.5 ts Salt
210 ml Water

Place all ingredients in bread pan in order specified by manufacturer. 
Select wholewheat cycle and press start.

Hope you enjoy this.

With best wishes

Donna Slater