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Mon, 19 Aug 1996 07:58:47 -0500 (EST)
Had the time and just wanted to catch up with a few answers to some

RE GLUTEN FLOUR :  gluten flour is nothing more than high protein flour, 100
percent hard wheat flour of which a large part of the starch has been

Usually it is found at natural food stores or ordered
from flour mills.

For the person who grinds his own wheat, adding some of high gluten flour ( a
couple of tablespoons to the recipe will lighten up the loaf

Contact King Arthur Catalog at P.O.Box 876, Norwich Vt, USA 05055-00876
or toll free in the Usa at 18008276836 . a pound bag is around $4.00

RE CREAM OF WHEAT: is also known as Farina .Its a wheat cereal product which
comes in instant or regular varieties. Besides being used for cooked cereals
certain breads,It is also popular for
ethnic cake and baking recipes such as the Greek Ravani cake

RE BREAD CRUMBS: When my bread is dry, I whirl it in the food processor
using the metal blade. I then put in glass or plastic containers. It keeps
well stored in a cool dry place. One of my favorite uses it to add dry herbs
such as basil, oregano, parsley etc. and powdered garlic. Then I use it for
meatballs, meatloaf, sprinkle atop tuna noodle or macaroni and cheese
casseroles. Sometimes I leave the crumbs plain and just add a bit of sugar
and use it for those european cake recipes which require it either in the
recipe or dusting the pan with it.

RE TOASTMASTER: recently someone wanted to purchase a toastmaster. Ive had
the Platium Plus for a year and am very satisfied with. The machine recently
started sqeeking on the fast knead cycle. I called the toll free number ( no
recording ! ) and was offered suggestions to test for the problem. It turned
out to be the pan and they assured me its okay to squeek. I could get a new
pan for about $25.00 but I can live with the squeek.  They told me major
problems with the toastmaster are very low . Ive owned 3 versions of the Dak,
1  deluxe wellbuit and the American Harvestor. I loved the daks and
wellbuit and just got tired of the round breads. The American Harvestor is
another story, I personally was very disatisfied with it and after having it
for a week ( 14 loaves of bread, it makes 2 at a time you know ) considerd
many other machines but ended up with the Toastmaster with no regrets at

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