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re: Grinding Own Wheat

"Brian D. Ross" <rossbd@cadvision.com>
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 11:13:51 -0600
If the bread you are getting is too crumbly for your tasts, I would 
look at the grain size of the flour you are getting out of the 
VitaMixer. Take a sample for your flour and store-bought flour and 
compare them. Rub them between your fingers and see if one feels 
'smoother' than the other.

I have been using a grain mill for years to grind my own grain. My 
experiments have shown that a medium fine grain (the finest grain is 
suitable for cakes...) is the best for bread. As you get into the 
coarse settings, they are better suited to things like cookies. I 
have made a recipe for Graham crackers over that last few years, and  
it works out the best with a REAL coarse grind.

Hope this helps.

Brian D. Ross				rossbd@cadvision.com