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Donna's questions & announcing my home page

Robin Carroll-Mann <harper@tribeca.ios.com>
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 15:09:32 -0700
donna@mfslater.demon.co.uk (donna Slater) asked:
>2.  Can anyone please tell me what cream of wheat is?  In the Bread 
>Machine Cookbook by Donna German, there is a recipe for chocolate cream
>of wheat bread, but I cannot find out what cream of wheat is and it 
>does not appear to be available here in the UK.

Cream of Wheat is a hot breakfast cereal, made mostly of wheat farina 
enriched with a little wheat germ.  If the UK does not have an equivalent 
brand, perhaps you can find farina in a health food store?

>3.  Could someone please explain exactly what a zip lock bag is?  I've 
>seen them mentioned a lot on this list but again have never come across 
>them in the UK.

A kind of plastic bag, used for food storage.  Some are made from heavier 
plastic for freezer storage.  They have a special seal at the top: there 
is a single ridge of stiff plastic across one side of the inside of the 
bag, and a double ridge on the facing side.  The single ridge presses 
tightly between the double ridges, creating an  air-tight seal.  Zip-lock 
bags are great for storing leftovers, because they conform to the 
available space in your fridge.  I also like them for marinating 
meat/poultry -- just pick up the bag now and then, slosh it around, and 
turn it over.  Some people use them for rising dough.

Hope this helps.

And now, a bit of self-advertising.  I have a home page devoted to bread, 
which you nice folks are invited to visit.  Recipes for yeast breads, 
quick breads, muffins, biscuits, and cornbreads, plus links to 
bread-related sites around the Web.  Sorry, I have no bread machine 
recipes -- I have no objections to them, but as a "by-hand" baker, I 
haven't had occasion to collect any.

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