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Ode to Anadama

Michele & Chris at DustHaven <whimsey@earth.inwave.com>
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 19:43:46 -0500
Hi everyone..you're a great group & I've really enjoyed your posts.  Here's my problem:

There's a bakery (The Bread Barn) in Madison, WI that grinds its own corn and makes the 
most delicious Anadama bread. I'd be content with buying it--but I no longer live in 
Madison, and when I return often find I'm there on the wrong days (we call these 
non-adama days).

So, I've been trying every recipe I find in every cookbook I run across, trying to 
emulate it. Deep is the lore of Anadama bread! All recipes seem to have molasses in 
varying amounts. The bakery's bread is a round loaf, dotted with white particles, but 
golden-pale, pound cake color, and has a crumbly, butter-nooked texture. It is not a 
sandwich bread, but toasts well, has an earthy quality to it without being dry or 

My attempts have all come out as much darker, heavier loaves (regardless of light/dark 
molasses, white/regular cornmeal) that are poor cousins to Bread Barns' plump round 
delicacies. I know they do use molasses, and I heard a suggestion that there may be 
equal quantities of honey and molasses in the bakery's bread, which I have not tried.

I have four capable hands (2 not mine), a Regal bread machine, and a Vita-Mix that can 
grind field corn into a vapor if need be. I'd appeciate any suggestions besides moving 
back to Madison (though tempting!).