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machine vs feel, feel, feel

t4v8f4jv@coastalnet.com (warywoda)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 16:25:02 -0400
     It was wonderful to read something that didn't portray bread machines
as the be all, end all.  I love making bread by hand, and have developed a
following for my bread.  I do things with dough that can't be done when it's
inside that "magic box".  
     With the olympics going on, we can see that there is something to be
said for hard work.  Like the athletes achieving there medals, a golden loaf
that is a result of my talents, hard work and prayer is much better than an
over-yeasted, under-touched loaf.  
     I love the recipes put out here, but I do always have to cut back on
the yeast as I start from a sponge (and it never fails to work).  I would
love to here from other bread makers who make their own bread.