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Valtrompia Bread

Patty Perkins <Pperkins@cris.com>
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 08:26:35 -0700

Saw your message in Bread-Bakers Digest, and my guess is that you have 
the Valtrompia Bread tubes that Pampered Chef make maybe? (About a 1-foot 
long decorative, aluminum tube with a cap on each end?)  If so, I have 
one of them as well, and so does my sister.  Although mine came with a 
recipe, basically you can use any bread recipe in them.  You can also use 
pre-made frozen bread dough or refrigerated dough, some cake mixes, or 
just about anything (denser breads and cakes work best).  After baking, 
you just slice the bread into small slices and use it for 'cocktail' 
bread to put spreads on or whatever.

We had a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend last weekend for about 
50 people, and I ended up in charge of the cocktail breads -- made about 
5 different kinds and it worked great.  I just made the dough in my bread 
machine, let the second rise finish on the kitchen counter, and baked 
them in the tubes (of course, I spend ALL day Saturday baking . . .).

Something else that I've found that works pretty slick is if you buy the 
cinnamon-rolls that come in a tube at the grocery (i.e. Pillsbury or 
house brand).  One tube is perfect for the bread tube, and you have nice 
little 'cinnamon swirl' canapy bread when you're done with next-to-no 
effort involved!

If you don't have the instructions for your tube, let me know and I can 
send you along the instructions that came with mine.

Hope that helps!

Omaha, NE