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Large quantity pita

Fri, 28 Jun 1996 21:46:49 -0500 (EST)
Please be so kind to forward this to the requstor or I hope the requestor
from Thailand reads this. Gosh Id love some Thai recipes but I will share
them if you dont mind if people ask.

LARGE QUANTITY PITA BREAD ( about 124, 4 0z units )

8 oz  yeast dry instant active ( 220 gm )  you also could use fresh
2 lb 4 oz water ( 1 L )
8 oz sugar ( 240 gm )
6 oz salt ( 170 gm )
3 0z malt syrup ( 0ptional ) 90 gm
9 lb 12 oz water ( variable ) 4 1/2 L
22 lb bread flour ( 10 kg )
1/2 oz commercial dough conditioner ( optional ) 15 gm
4 oz shortening ( optional ) 120 gm

Dissolve yeast in water and set aside to proof( foam )
Dissolve sugar, salt, malt in water.Add the flour to it and stir well. add
the dissolved yeast and mix well to form a dough. Add the shortening and mix
well and let rise until light. Punch down and let rest 20 minutes before
shaping. Scale ( weigh out ) into units( pieces )of 4 0z balls and let rest 15
minutes. Roll out to 1/8 inch thickness or slightly thicker circle.
Place on sheet pans or peels dusted with cornmeal. let proof ( rise ) 3/4 in
volume.Do not dock ( prick ). they will become puffy related to the
fermentation when they are baked as the moisture is released.
Bake in an oven or hearth on peels or baking sheets 460 degrees ( 237 to 240
C ) about 6 minutes. Units will be pale but done. They will collapse
partially when cool. However when baked properly the pita will have an open
pocket of dough.

Note: Typically in the Mid East a  10 to 11% protein flour is used. If you
use a stronger flour ( more gluten/protein ) your water amount will be
Note2: make sure your water temp is about 80 degree fareheit to maintain
proper dough temperature
Note 3: shortening is only added as a lubricant to the dough but it does
help condition the dough
Note4: if you plan to go commercial may I suggest you use dough conditioner
to inhibit mold and increase shelf life.
I dont know how you plan to use the 1000 pitas!! But good luck and glad I
could help somehow!!
Joan,"Flour Power"                                                                                                                           

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