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Same ol' subject...

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Wed, 19 Jun 96 14:23:49 RSA
When am I gonna learn... I totally ignored the thread on bread machines 
(recommendations, , pro's/con's, models, prices, etc.) 'cos I never dreamed 
I'd spoil myself. Well, guess what; I finally gave in! However, my problem 
is that I was only able to find one model (the Panasonic SD.. {something}) 
which had a *very* small baking cubicle - about quarter loaf. This 
surprised me gr8tly. The sales-lady at Stutterfords said it came highly 
recommended; at R1400 (about $350) I think she's supposed to say that.
Is the small cubicle going to be a problem for most of the breads on 
BREAD-BAKERS? Is the Panasonic bread machine really good? Maybe there are a 
few South Africans that know of other machines that are available locally? 
Please help... your experiences will be valuable.

ps - sorry for rekindling this worn-out topic.