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How to store yeast

Lynn Schneiderman <lynns@creighton.edu>
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 14:40:44 -0500 (CDT)
Hi all,

I'm hoping some of you can help me. How can one store yeast so that it
doesn't go "bad"? I purchased a jar and stored it in the 'fridge' in the
door. Whenever I used it, I made sure that I put the lid back on tightly.
However, I got down to 1/3 of a jar and the yeast has gone bad. (I proofed
the yeast and hardly any froth at all.) Of course I threw the jar away. It
wasn't anywhere near the expiration date. Granted it has been humid here
lately but I have kept it in the fridge. How can one prevent this from
happening? Should I not put it in the door? Should I find a container that
is like a tupperware container? It's not the expense that bothers me but
the disappointment when my loaves in the machine fail to rise to
expectations. If anyone could give some advice, I would sure appreciate
it. Many Thanks.

Lynn Schneiderman
Bellevue NE