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Machine vs. Hand Kneading

banker@ipof.fla.net (Ronald L. Ploude)
Mon, 13 May 1996 11:50:09 -0400
I have enjoyed reading the Bread Bakers Digest postings for about 3 months
now.  My preference as a purist had always been to make my breads by hand.
However, playing taxi cab driver for kids and demands of my job have left me
little time for bread baking.  After reading about all the wonderfull
results with machine breads, I decided to get one.  The Regal Machine was
rated best in consumer reports so I called the factory and had one shipped.  

My bread machine arived Friday and is living up to my expectations in every
way except one.  I have made three loaves of bread, one quick bread,  two
yeast breads, and one pizza dough.  The complaint that I have is that the
yeast breads come out much denser. Hand kneading produces loaves with larger
holes in the finished bread and they rise higher.  I can not rate taste
until I have had the opportunity to make the same recipe by hand and
machine.  Being new to machine bread making, I am curious if anyone else has
experienced the differences noted so far.