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Mon, 06 May 1996 18:47:48 -0500 (EST)
 I have several knives for cutting bread.all are different and are used for
different breads. Here is my humble opinion about them

1. serreated bread knife by Kaplan/Aronsen, a stainless steeel knife made in
Sweden. It has a black handle with a finger grip and ability to be hung on a
rung by the handle.
 It is light weight and one of the sharpest best cutting bread knives I
own. If you ever see it, its reasonable priced and superb. I bought it in
Zabars in NYC and have never seen another.

 2.this knife almost looks like a violin bow. It has a solid wood light weight
handle with a sharp serreated thin blade and you use it by  cutting with the
blade side down, making the handle lay on its side. Its superb for cutting
fresh soft bread. Its Emson brand made in China . Not expensive. sold in
kitchen stores.

3. Toastmaster, platinum electric carving knife. sold near the Toastmaster
bread machines its recommended for cutting bread. I dont like any electric
knives for cutting bread although it does a good job. I feel i have more
control with a manuel knife.

4. bread cutting guides. I have two. One wooden box contraption which is
okay and a similar plastic cutting guide. I find these clumsy and prefer to
use the first two bread knives I mentioned above. I think i like the freedom
to cut my bread as thin or thick as I want since my two bread guides have
no ability to change slice size. theyll probably be candiditates for my next
yard sale. Same thing with my bagel guide cutter. I hardly ever use it!
Joan,"Flour Power"                                                                                                                           

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