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Bread with no yeast

Sun, 28 Apr 1996 19:11:58, -0500
-- [ From: Judy Buchkowski * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Look on page 11 of King arthur catalogue at the perforated baking disk.
Works great on a stone, do have to spray mine with a Pam like product,
but the bread doesn't stick.  First time I used the disk I didn't spray
and it seemed like half of the loaf stuck to it!  the disk runs $17 but
is worth every penny!  Hope this helps.

A great knive for slicing bread is from Williams Sonoma and is called a
Montana (made in Italy).  Can be used to slice other things besides
bread. Has an adjustable sliding device for various sizes and is very
well made.  Saw a copy at T J Max for a lot less and the quality wasn't
as nice.

Was at Bed Bath and Beyond with coupon in hand for more bread boxes and
saw a wooden guide for slicing bread.  I had a plastic one just like it
and was able to break off several of the plastic guides, so this wooden
one maybe the answer.  The wooden one looked quite substantial.

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