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Good crust

BreadMagician@prodigy.com ( LINDA REHBERG)
Mon, 08 Apr 1996 21:16:11 EDT
Tom, you're right...the key to the great crust on French bread is the 
oven.  Professional ovens have steam jets that inject moisture during 
baking to produce the extra crisp crust.  (The other secret is to use 
no fat in the bread.)  I've misted my French and sourdough breads 
with a plant mister while baking for years but recently my co-author 
and I discovered the La Cloche bakers at Williams-Sonoma (and in the 
King Arthur Flour catalog....1-800-827-6836).  They are clay cookers 
that come in both round and oblong size....perfect for breads.  If 
you plan to bake a lot of French bread they're definitely worth it....
the best crust we've produced so far after lots of testing.   Just 
how crisp, you ask?  The thin, crisp type that crackles as it cools.  
C'est manufique!