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pizza crust question

Mon, 08 Apr 1996 18:02:19 -0500 (EST)
The crispest crust is when the pizza comes out of the oven and you slide
that baby off the pan and slice it and eat it at once!
You asked how to keep the crust crispy?   Well heres my knowledge from
working one summer making pizza in a pizza restaurant.Hope this helps

Use bread flour in the recipes and not all
purpose as bread flour has more gluten in and produces a heartier better
textured crust.

Use a basic pizza dough recipe that contains " none" of the extras such as
eggs, milk, extra fat etc cause these things make a softer quality dough.(
they act as tenderizers.)

Retard the dough: that means refrigerate the dough overnight so all the
co2 etc.dissapates ( by product of yeast fermentation ) and dough mellows. this
helps with the texture of dough when baked.

Preheat your pizza stone and slide your prepared dough on with a paddle in a
very hot preheated oven. Wer're talking 450, 500 degrees. Professional ovens
get much hotter than that! If you cant preheat the stone and use that method
there are also pizza screens or pans with holes in the bottom which let the
crust get very direct heat. Pizza screens are available in specialty
stores.Oil the screen before use or the dough will stick.

Some people prebake their crust justbefore they add the topping to insure a good
crust texture.Make sure you punch out any air bubbles or the crust
may puff up in spots .

And a last hint: ever try grilled pizza? Grilling on a gas grill diretly on
the grates really gives a firm crust. You got to watch out so it doesnt burn

Hope all of this helps. My best advice really is just eat that pizza
straight from the oven. Pizza is like fried foods: Its waits for no one:)

Joan,"Flour Power"

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