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Baguette pan

mary_white@sunshine.net (Mary White)
Tue, 2 Apr 96 15:16 PST
> I have
>a great recipe for french bread, but it says to bake it in a baguette pan. I
>know what baguettes are and would like to be able to make them, it's my
>favourite bread.

I have a baguette pan I bought 15-20 years ago in Vancouver, so I'm sure you
can get one in a city cookware store. It's aluminum, about 18" long and if
you look at it end-on it looks like an upside-down small letter "m". In
other words it has two semi-circular pans, about 2 1/2" in diameter, with no
ends. Being semi-circular, there have to be 2 pans because one would fall
over! Besides, a regular loaf recipe makes 2 baguettes. I hope this makes
sense, it's hard to describe without drawing a picture.

Mary White
Harbour Publishing
Madeira Park, BC Canada