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Help! - Yeast Question #2

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 09:57:00 -0500
Joan asks:

>Is the large package of yeast at Sam's the wet compressed stuff?  Or is it
>just a block of the dry?  That is all I could find.

It is the dry stuff. Just like you would get in the single use packets. It's
in a hard block (And by the way, if the bag is NOT a hard block, don't buy it)
because it's vacume packed and without air the yeast can't move about.

I take it and toss it in the freezer, Since there is no moisture in the bag
(Vacume packing removes ALL moisture) it remains very much unchanged between
room temp and freezer temp (0 (f)).  When I need some I pour out about 4-5 oz
in a 5oz jar I have (From back when I was paying WAY too much for yeast) which
lives in the fridge.  Then I wrap the bag closed as best I can, Snap a rubber
band around it and back in the cold spot.  I'm no my second 2 lb bag now.

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