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Help! - Yeast Question

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 09:50:34 -0500
 "Sherry Barwick" <BARWICK@DD.csc.peachnet.edu> posted

>I'm a new bread machine owner and all this talk of yeast has me
>confused and I think I'm goofed on my latest purchase.  I headed off
>to Sam's after hearing after the good deals on yeast there.  I
>purchased two 16 oz. packages of Red Star Instant Active Dry Yeast
>for $3.46.  I thought I got a great deal until I got into the car and
>began to read the label which says "for food service".  Have I bought
>yeast that I can't use in my bread machine?  It has this lengthy
>conversion table on the side which makes no sense to me but I think
>the fact that it's "instant" active dry yeast is important. 

Well Unlike those who took a wild guess. I know.  The "For Food Service"
simply refers to the package size and pricing.  In short you bought exactly
the same yeast I have used to good effect for some time now.  It's no
different than the standard Red Star Yeast (Though it may not be "Fast
Acting" more on that in a moment).  I have used Red Star (and the other
major company's) yeast labeled "Best for bread machines" and I've used the
"For Food Service" stuff I got at (In my case) Gordon's food Servcie (Accross
the street from one of my local SAMS no less) for slightly less than you paid
at SAMS (Hey, what can I say. Sam's is over priced <G> at least on yeast).

I just pour about 4-5 oz into the jar that the "Best for bread machine use"
stuff came in (Can you beleive seven dollars for that little jar, man did I
get ripped off!!!) and "toss" the rest into the freezer (The jar goes in the
fridge)  So far (I'm on the very last of my second pound, or is it "Starting
on lb #3 of the yeast) I have not been able to tell ANY difference between it
and the "Best for bread machine" stuff.  Go ahead and use it.  It is "Instant"
if it's labeled as such (Need not be proffed before mixing with flour if using
an ABM)  Works great.  The only thing I did different is I had to cut down a
bit on the amount of yeast I use in my ABM (I think 1/3)  Seems not to matter
which yeast I use (Jar or Food Service Bag) it takes 1/3 less than the book
with the box calls for (Your Millage May Vary on this).  Now if I'm in a
hurry. Then I follow the recipe exactly and use the TIME SAVER cycle (This
calls for fast rise yeast) and it comes out good.  That seems to be the major
difference.  Fast rise is about 1.5 times as active as regular so if it's fast
rise cut the amount by 1/3 if things act wierd and/or use the short cycle.

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