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re: yeast

deb@essences.com (Deborah Bier)
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 11:40:44 -0500
>From: "Sherry Barwick" <BARWICK@DD.csc.peachnet.edu>
>Date:          Wed, 20 Mar 1996 14:39:33 EST
>Subject:       Help! - Yeast Question
>I'm a new bread machine owner and all this talk of yeast has me
>confused and I think I'm goofed on my latest purchase.  I headed off
>to Sam's after hearing after the good deals on yeast there.  I
>purchased two 16 oz. packages of Red Star Instant Active Dry Yeast
>for $3.46.  I thought I got a great deal until I got into the car and
>began to read the label which says "for food service".  Have I bought
>yeast that I can't use in my bread machine?  It has this lengthy
>conversion table on the side which makes no sense to me but I think
>the fact that it's "instant" active dry yeast is important.

Sherry: I think that you have bought bulk yeast, and it is the type of
packaging that is sold to professional bakers, which is the "food service"
reference.  I think you are just fine with what you have.

Best-Deborah Bier
Concord, MA