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lcw@cci.com (Lori Wershing)
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 00:09:20 -0800
Hi everyone,

I've been reading this digest for a while now and this is my first post!
I have 3 distinct requests for info - any help would be appreciated!

I've recently gotten back "into" bread baking - for reasons too numerous
to go through.  I've been reading and scrutinizing the recipes posted looking
for low-cal AND low-fat recipes.  Low-fat seems to be easy, low-cal on the
other hand is a professional bakers mystery.  If anyone has insight or recipes
which fit the bill (50cals or less per slice), I'd love to see them.

I've been experimenting with Rye breads.  I tried a German dark rye with
caraway - too dense....then I tried just a plain old Rye - good texture,
light taste, wrong shape.  It said to bake it on a cookie sheet - made a 
great loaf of bread which is not conducive to sandwiches. (I ended up
cutting it horizontally, then in sections!)  My question to all you experts
is:  can any recipe be baked in a bread pan?  Is there a trick to this?  
Does anyone have any great recipes for Rye which use a bread pan?

I've recently purchased diastatic malt powder and vital wheat gluten from
King Arthur Flour - these products really seem to help!  Any hints or words
or wisdom from past experience?

Thanks - I hope I can become a contributor soon.  I do have an awesome
Oatmeal & Molasses Bread recipe if anyone is interested (and, no, it is not
low-fat, low-cal - it is from the days prior to losing these 75+ pounds!).