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BreadMagician@prodigy.com ( LINDA REHBERG)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 23:43:34 -0800
To Lynda:
   If your machine isn't that old, you ought to check with your 
manufacturer first.  Several companies have had problems with their 
bread pans, loaves that get stuck and have to be pried out.  You 
shouldn't ever have to do that....unless the pan is very old and the 
finish has worn off.  So it's worth a call....it may be that you have 
a defective pan.

To Susan:
  Congratulations on the new addition to your home!  You'll have many 
years of happy baking with your Zoji plus the added bonus of coming 
into contact with a great guy like Irwin.

I've seen Irwin recommend that the Zoji be left unplugged, especially 
if you have problems with power surges.  We don't so I tend to leave 
it plugged in unless we're going to be gone for several days or we're 
having a thunderstorm.  The surge protector is a good idea.  I do not 
store the paddle/plug in the cup.  I put it back in the pan after 
washing to avoid mistakes when I go to make the next batch of bread.  
Yes, the cup and spoon can be stored in the machine during baking.  
Funny, I wondered about that one, too.

Linda Rehberg