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Adding mix-ins to bread recipe

Linda Kosidlo <linda@mc.com>
Mon, 18 Mar 96 09:48:46 EST
Hi All -

This weekend I tried a whole wheat bread recipe in my 
bread machine that called for adding raisins and 
walnuts during the "mix-in" phase (about 15 minutes
after the first mixing/kneading phase). I did  
this as instructed, but the result was poor. The 
raisins all sunk to the bottom of the loaf, completly
covering the bottom of the bread. How are these things
supposed to be added to the machine so they don't all
sink to the bottom? It seems like an odd question, I 
know, but I followed the recipe exactly and got these
awful results. 

BTW - I have a 1 1/2 lb Oster bread machine. This machine
was an upgrade sent to me after I contacted Oster-Sunbeam 
about my 1 lb Sunbeam bread maker that ceased to 
operate after only 5 months. I sent it back for repair
and they sent me this new one! The white bread loaf
mix that came with the machine was excellent, but their
recipe book that comes with the machine makes bread that
is just so-so. PS - no affiliation with this company, but
their customer service was extremely helpful and I'm 
very happy with the way they handled my problem.  

Linda K. in MA