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FW: Hot Cross Buns & Seed Bread

Judith Burley <jburley@trianon.worldtel.com>
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 15:59:54 -0800
Does someone have a good recipe for traditional Hot Cross Buns?  My new 
daughter in law is English as was going on about being homesick and 
missing the smell of these baking on Easter morning so i thought I would 
make her some.
Thanks for all your help
Oh, I have a Hitachi Bread Machine but also make traditional style every 
once in a while - just so i won't forget how.

And here is a great recipe for Seed Bread from Jan/95 - Canadian Living 

			Seed Bread
(I have given both large (1&1/2 lbs. Loaf) and small (1 lb. loaf))

In your bread machine place in order given:

				Large     		Small
Water				1 &1/4 c.		3/4 c.
Liquid Honey			2 tbsp.			4 tsp.
Vegetable Oil			2 tbsp.			4 tsp.
Salt				1&1/2 tsp.		1 tsp.
All Purpose Flour		2 c.			1&1/3 c.
Whole Wheat Flour		1 c.			2/3 c.
Flax Seeds			1/4 c.			3 tbsp.
Sesame Seeds			2 tbsp.			4 tsp.
Poppy Seeds			1 tbsp.			2 tsp.
Yeast - quickacting		2 tsp.			1&1/4 tsp.

This smells so wonderful as it bakes - can also be made manually.