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I'm new!

"Therese Klodnicki" <Terry_Klodnicki@msn.com>
Wed, 13 Mar 96 12:50:25 UT
Hi fellow bread bakers,

I am new to the list and I am enjoying it.  I wanted to tell you how I 
recently became enthusiastic about bread machines and then I have a few 
general questions that I would like to ask you.  I am also including a recipe 
for carrot bread that I successfully made a couple of days ago.

My husband is interested in high-tech items and has been wanting to get a 
bread machine ever since he heard of them many years ago.  I never wanted to 
get one since I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that I have always used to make fresh 
bread for Sunday dinners.  Well, this year I was forced to buy my husband the 
bread machine for Christmas since, he asked my 3 year old to ask Santa for it 
for him.  I bought a Breadman machine and it came with a book of healthy bread 
recipes (the carrot recipe is from the book).  Thanks to this book, I realized 
that making fresh bread can help me get my family to eat healthier.  My 
husband is a very finicky eater.  He eats very few fruits and vegetables and 
no legumes at all.  My 2 and 4 year old sons seem to be picking up his bad 
habits.  I have always known that we should try to eat more grains, beans, 
fruits and vegetables to be healthier, but I have always had a tough time 
getting the rest of my family to eat and try new things.  Now, I make fresh 
bread for dinner every night and try to incorporate as many different healthy 
items as possible.  (My husband almost never uses the machine, as I originally 
predicted that he wouldn't.  He says that is because I took over the machine.  
Oh well, that's what he gets for trying to use a 3 year old to get what he 
wants.  A present for me!)

Does anyone have any great healthy bread recipes that they would like to 
share?  The best ones are those that the rest of the family won't even realize 
are good for them.  They like recipes with whole wheat flour, even though they 
know that is a little bit good for them, thank goodness.  (My machine can make 
1, 1 1/2, and 2 pound loafs and has whole wheat cycles.)

I am interested in learning more about various grains and flours.  
Particularly, which ones are the healthiest and can easily be incorporated 
(and hopefully hidden) into my breads.  I would appreciate any comments about 
specific favorite grains or perhaps, recommendations for good reading material 
on the subject.  I don't have my own grinder, though.

Also, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions in adapting recipes.  I am 
not sure how to incorporate other grains into my breads without specific 
recipes.  Are there guidelines to making substitutions?

I happened to be in a store that sold some interesting items.  I bought the 
following, because I had heard of them before and I thought they were 
particularly nutritious.
1.  Brown Rice Flour
2.  Millet Meal
3.  Buckwheat Flour
Does anyone know if these grains are actually healthier than the standards?  
Can anyone suggest ways or recipes in which they can be used?

As you can tell, I am very interested in health issues.  Does any one know 
about any other listservs that I may be interested in, particularly about 
maintaining good health?

I appreciate your help and advice.  Thank you in advance.


>From "The Complete Book of Bread Machine Baking" edited by Lara Pizzorno.
Prima Publishing  (I highly recommend this book.)

				1 pound loaf		1 1/2 pound loaf
carrot juice			1/3 cup			1/2 cup
water				1/2 cup			1/2 cup
canola oil			2/3 Tbl			1 Tbl
molasses			1 Tbl			1 1/2 Tbl
honey				1 Tbl			1 1/2 Tbl
salt				1 tsp			1 1/2 tsp
grated carrots or 
carrot pulp from juicing	1/2 cup			3/4 cup	
whole wheat flour		3/4 cup			1 1/3 cups
unbleached flour		2/3 cup			1 cup
gluten flour			1 1/2 Tbl		2 Tbl
powdered whey			2 tsp			1 Tbl
active dry yeast		1 1/2 tsp		2 tsp

Put all ingredients in bread pan in the order listed.  Use Basic Wheat Cycle, 
light setting.

I don't have a juicer and didn't have any carrot juice handy so I substituted 
1/2 applesauce and 1/2 water for the carrot juice.  I also used bread flour 
instead of unbleached all- purpose flour, but I reduced the gluten flour by 
about a quarter.  This bread is sweet and it came out very moist and light.