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Re:Tupperware Storage

Liz Haskell <lhaskell@hobbes.kzoo.edu>
Mon, 4 Mar 96 9:53:00 EST
I'll delurk for a moment to comment on a couple of things. First, my
breadmachine was a gift for Christmas and I have truly appreciated both the
advice and recipes I've found on this list. Thanks.

Now for an opinion. I have a Tupperware bread keeper (I went to the
"loathesome" party as a favor to a friend...it wasn't *that* awful since I
got out of having to put the kids to bed that night :-)  ) The keeper works
very well, with the bread staying fresh for a number of days. It does *not*
keep a crisp, fresh from the oven, crust, but it I've found it does a much
better job than when I was sealing the bread in plastic bags. Just my $.02.

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Liz Haskell         lhaskell@kzoo.edu