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Pita bread technique

rbparker@henning.cfa.org (Ron Parker)
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 21:10:06 -0600
For pita bread just use any ordinary flour, water, yeast, salt bread recipe
of your choice.  There is no magic recipe.  Do the dough in the usual way,
let it rise once.  Punch it down and do a superficial kneading.  Then
divide the dough into lumps - the size depends on what size pita you want.
A spherical blob that is about 1.5-2.0" in diameter will satisfy most
needs.  Knead each blob by holding it in one hand and kneading it with the
thumb of the opposite hand, always kneading into the middle of the blob
until it is silky and smooth.  Place kneaded blob on a lightly floured
surface and roll to a 6-7 inch pancake shape.  Place on lightly floured
board or cookie sheet, allowing space for a bit of expansion. Cover
potential pitas with a towel, then some plastic film, and let rise until a
bit puffy.  Gently move puffy pitas to a lightly greased cookie sheet and
put cookie sheet with pitas into a hot oven (400-450 F).  Watch carefully.
They should puff after a short wait.  Bake until just browning - you don't
want a brittle crust.

It is very easy after you try it once, and the failures are wonderful bread
in any case - puffed or not.

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