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Re: Web Bread sites

Billy Hatcher <0002040826@mcimail.com>
Sat, 2 Mar 96 09:00 EST
> From: bj29@mirage.skypoint.com (bjjan)
> Date: Sun, 25 Feb 96 07:42 CST
> Subject: Web Bread sites
> Linda Rehberg was kind enough to send me some "bread sites" . There seem to
> so many of us who "are surfing the net" these days that I thought maybe you
> might want to see some more sites that I have checked out from the list she
> gave me. http://www.coloradosprings-travel.com/~dahasher/Bread_Machine.html
> http://www.honors.indiana.edu/~veggie/Food/Bread/
>    This one has 29 Bread recipes...I copied them all last night..whew!


Bev -

Tried to send this to your address above, but my mail program would not accept
it.  Sorry to clog up the list for something that should go direct, but can't
get it there that way.

Sure appreciated your list of web sites and have it filed away for future

Last summer we moved so far out in the country that I cannot get toll free
access to the internet, so am limping along with email access only.  Hope to
get internet through ATT later this month.

In the meantime, if you have the 29 recipes mentioned above that you so
laboriously copied in your computer so you could send them to me via email, I
would very much like to have them.  I ~do not~ expect you to sit down and type
them all over again to send to me! :))  If it isn't too inconvenient I would
like to have them, but don't go out of your way.

Thanks very much.

Best regards from SE VA where spring is trying to come but having a hard time
of it.

 Bill Hatcher
 Southampton County, Virginia, USA