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bread digest responses

Thu, 29 Feb 1996 11:57:10 -0500
Susan Petusky asked about her problems with dough. No Susan we doubt your
body gives off something that makes bread unable to rise....<G> We would like
to help but need a lot more information. Why don't you E-mail us with details
as to what recipe you are using, what bread machine, climate, etc. We are not
sure exactly what is going on, but more information will help...

Ann Mollison needs a manual and I suggest you call Zoji. It's in our book,
The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints but here it is in case you
don't have the book..1-800-733-6270.

David K. wants Red Star Yeast address...It's Universal Foods Corp. 433 East
Michigan St. PO Box 737 Milwaukee, WI 53201

Alan why don't you write me with details about your Red Star Yeast problems.
Write me at LoisCon@AOL.com Tell me the bread machine, give me the recipe and
I will try and help.

Rob, we are so happy you like. our Bread Machine Magic...and it is on your
bookshelf, but the hamburger buns you posted and gave us credit for is not
ours..we do have a hamburger bun recipe in the book which Linda posted in a
later digest. Just thought you might like to credit the real author. 

Lois Conway, co-author Bread Machine Magic and The Bread Machine Magic Book
of Helpful Hints. LoisCon@AOL.com